[rawr] Shady's RANTS! [rawr]

Haha. Why heeeellllooooo! Title pretty much explains it all.  I realized that I really needed to discuss Breaking Dawn with you and rant about it.  So here I am. Ranting Away in a few short moment.  DISCLAIMER: I love Twilight with all my heart, and these are just my personal views... you can disagree and hate me and such, and argue... I would love to hear your views. OH BTW. If you get nauseous by the word ERGH, or are expecting childbirth, OR have a weak heart, beware... The Author of this [SHADY LAYNE] is very fond of this word.  BEWARE AND COVER YOUR EYES!

Let the ranting Begin.

unfortunatly, TAYLOR LAUTNER RANT 

Gah, I never thought it would come to this... but, I don't really find him that attractive anymore.  He smiles really weirdly like he is squinting or something.  He just doesnt look cute anymore.  I mean, yeeeeeeeeaaaaah he has a nice body, but, eh. He lacks personality now.   Its like after Twilight came out, he changed. Gah, *bangs head on keyboard.*  WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?!!


Well, personally, I LOVE THE CAST! It's actually how I pictured. I mean if you love Twilight "a lot" you would just want to see it in action, who cares what they look like?! I had a bunch of other reasons too, but nothing but air is blowing in my head. Ergh.  Well, I'll give more reasons later. Haha.



Overall... I would Breaking Dawn like a 5.5 out of 10.  I mean it was good, BUT had SOOOO much more potential. It needed more of a BANG *no pun intended there Bella, cough cough* Haha. But come on. There was like NOTHING! Ergh.  I mean, yes it was good, but it wasnt like Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse.  I give Smeyer props, but hey.  We all want a happy ending, but come on, there needs to be a little ruckus!

I have a little beef with the whole Team Jacob thing... THERE NEVER WAS ONE SMEYER!  How could you lead on the proud Team Jacobs, while in Breaking Dawn, Bella and Jacob had no chemistry or anything.  Jacob never got a chance in... You made him gone for the begining AND had her marry off before he got his shot. Ergh.  I mean I love the whole Jacob and Renesmee thing, but I wanted a little drama with the love triangle.  Jacob got cut-off. No action....SPEAKING of no action... whats with the ending of the book?  Honestly people, no one battled.  You have no idea as to how bad I wanted Kate&Tanya to go and fight when the Volturi killed Irina...I was like FINALLY something to make them fight. But sadly, no blood [technically] was shed. Ergh. I mean if it had ending in an un-happy ending, i would have been kinda pissed, I admit it.  But I wanted little more than NOTHING happening.  I guess that there's no pleasing me.

Plus I really didn't like Bella after she turned into a Vamp.  She wasn't clumsy breakable Bella, BUT freakshow strong Bella.  Edward didn't have to take care of her, and that was a main part of the series.  Edward was always there, BUT NOW WE DONT NEED HIM. Erghx10000.  Plus Edward was barely there in the story [Bellas 2nd story], unless Bella wanted to um... have...*cough, cough*.  And throughout the story, I was like COME ON already. Act like your stinking selves! ERGH.

I did like Jacobs's POV a lot because he yelled at her a lot.  And I would have done the same thing.  Honestly, she just grossed me and out and everything... she was too feeble and weak, and wasnt strong Bella.  I also just got sick of her lying there with Rose suffering, I'm like come on. Ergh.  But long story short, I thought Jacob was hilarious throughout the story, couldnt get enough. *Sigh*

I think I'm done for the ranting day. [eight.thirty-one.oh-eight]


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