{GrRs} PeNny's RANTS!

Time to annoy the fruit outa Shady (;

Well...here is where I will rant and rave while annoying Shady! Love it!  Just as Shady said on her page, you may comment and hate me or lurveeee me all you want. But I will not change prolly.  I'll also post your views too if you'd like! But just a heads up...if you hate Edward, DO NOT READ THIS! (=

Why Hello everyone!!!   Lemme see what I can rant about first.   Well, before Breaking Dawn I really had no love for Jacob AT ALL! Why couldn't he just LEAVE THEM ALONE?!?! Stupid dog. They were in love and he was only hurting himself. Desperate much hmm?  But then after BD, I started to love him just as much as my Edward!  Crazy, I know, but he's just such a loveable guy.

Renesme and Jacob were such a great idea-credit to SMeyer-I just wish she would follow up with a book about how they are doing!! (that's where OUR SITE comes in! (= ) 

Also, unlike Shady, I love the new Bella!! (=  Ya, so she was a little um...*cough..horny...cough* but that's understandable seeing as how much she loves Edward.  The new Bella is strong now, I like that better.  Then Edward doesn't always have to do the saving.  Bella was always meant to be a vamp, I think. And Edward still needs to stick around cuz, hello, it wouldn't be Twilight without him! 

I really never had any problems with the book BD, but I wish she had an Edward POV like Jacob's.  He was always so angry or upset when she was pregnant, it was hard to understand why sometimes. Like, wasn't he at all EXCITED about being a daddy?!?!  Ehh who knows...(that's where our site could come in handy as well!) 

Ok I would also just LOVE to rant about the stupid movie too. I'm sorry, but i think the actors they picked are not good at all for Twilight.  Bella's too pretty...duhmm no offense to her...and Jasper looks gay to me!  (Maybe it's the make-up.....)  the guy they picked for Edward is SO NOT HOT! HE SCARES ME! i know Edward is supposed to be somewhat scary...but i think i totally peed ma pants when i saw the actor!  Emmet was the only right choice i think. 

O...can i be on TEAM EMMET?? O! maybe...TEAM MIKE! BAHAHA ya right...sorry Mikey.


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