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Hi!  Welcome to Tworts, the website for all your Twilight needs! (=
         We, Penny and Shady Layne, decided to make this website once we heard that the Twilight series had ended with Breaking Dawn.  If you are anything like us, we're sure you really don't want it to end.  This site was made for people to give us ideas, short stories, and videos about the series.   
         Mind us, let's keep them all PG rated please
         We just started this website and really don't have any clue about what we're doing.  So please be patient, and comments are appreciated.  Thanks!!  Hope you come to love this site like we do!   

August 26, 2009

WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA.  Man, oh, man... hasnt it been a while since we've been on..  yeahhhh, well, about those videos, probably not going to happen.  I don't know, if I don't get Penny to help soon, I'll make my own video and put it up, just so we have everything:) K? K.  ANNNNNNNND, a second WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA, to SMEYER SAID SHE WAS LURKING THROUGH HER FAN SITES!!!!!!! AND guess who just happens to be UNDER those fan sites?!!! US!! TWORTS!!! man, oh, man, I reeeeally hope she saw our site. Ha, that'd be cool:)  Yes, well, I should probably get crackin on those videos.. Later Gators:)))))

Shady Layne
♥ comment.


All right everyone! We've got an exciting announcement.  Today, we are starting to film! Yes, the day you've all been waiting for.  We will have a video up here hopefully in less than a week.  I know, we've been saying that.  BUT IT'S TRUE THIS TIME! We promise! It's finally summer and finally time to really kick start this fine site.

P.S.----We love Twilight


Well now, isn't today just filled with updates!? How lovely.

So here's the deal everyone.  We've got the Twi-Tour going all around the U.S.!  Here are the cities that will be stops on the way.  Make sure to pay attention to the dates too.  Some of them aren't until 2010.   Also, if you click on the site, there will be places where you can enter sweepstakes to meet the cast! You can get backstage passes and one-on-one time with some of the characters! How exciting right?  Who knows, maybe Shady and I will wind up at one of those. 

Atlanta – July 10-12, 2009
Minneapolis – July 17-19, 2009
Phoenix – August 14-16, 2009
New Jersey – August 28-30, 2009
Chicago – October 2-4, 2009
Miami – January 8-10, 2010
Seattle – January 15-17, 2010
Nashville – January 29-31, 2010
San Francisco – February 12-14, 2010
Los Angeles – March 12-14. 2010
Washington, Dc – April 23-25, 2010
Vancouver – May 14-16, 2010
Toronto – July 30-Aug  1, 2010

P.S.----We love Twilight


Well Ladies and maybe one gentleman (we're figuring this site is viewed mostly by the female species!)  Tomorrow is the last school day for the Shadester and me.   We've also applied for some awesome jobs (Grocery stores...can't get much better eh?) so we can get some great equipment.  We're also thinking of trying to start a nice charity thing.  We could really use some love, feedback, and help!  So if our fans (I know, all 4 of you guys.) could be so perfectly lovely and check out the comment area and comments us (Or even send us some e-mails.  we love e-mails!) , we'd be very appreciative.

P.S.----We love Twilight


heyyyyy guys, i hope you dont hate us... i know we havent been on in a while... schools been insane:( but we shall be hugggggge this summer, so stay tuned...



Well, just a reminder.  The Salute to Twilight Convention is coming to The Grand Sci-Fi Summit Entertainment, area thing.  In LA. 

Creation Entertainment's
17th Annual GRAND SLAM:
with a Salute to TWILIGHT                                                    

There ya have it folks.  Here's the website for more dire questions.  Or you can just scroll down because I'm sure I put this on here before....http://www.creationent.com/cal/stgs.htm  It's sounds like a blast don't you think!? (=


(Penni, Shady. Love it!)


Man oh man.  This just in guys! (Sorry it took so long for us to realize this news.  And thanks to Tatiana for the e-mail) Our girl, SMeyer, was bashed by none other than Steven King.  Here's the article!


Everyone of us  SMeyer fans need to let people and SMeyer herself know that we love her and her series.  We can't take this from King. NO LONG LIVE THE KING!

March 29!

Wow, it has been a while.  I hope you didnt miss our long gaping absence!  We have been really busy with school and such, PLUS thinking of crazy ideas for videos.  So yes, the wait is almost over, just bare with us a little longer:) 



February 28888888!

Weeeellll, one more day to March, meaning we are getting closer to SPRING!  And what a better way to ring in the new month(haha, i had to laugh) than to read this extreeeeeemly interesting interview that BuddyTV had with the one and only....*drumroll*.... KRISTEN STEWART!!!  It talks about all that went on during the Twilight press tours AND something that has been eating at the brains of fans all over, her relationship with ROB!!  Hmmmmm, but are they together?!! Welllllll, READ THE ARTICLE:)


Feb the 15th

Hey guys! Um, totally terrific and outstanding news!!! MY FUTURE HUSBAND IS A GOOD KISSER:)

That's right, got the dish straight from www.twistmagazine.com, which had an interview with Cassie



Sorry about Shady's little out-burst. 

Penni Loephur

First of February

DOWN WITH DAKOTA FANNING! I'm sorry, but, if that bratty little girl is going to be Jane in New Moon, I will FREAK. I CAN'T stand her, what-so-ever. I will boycott and do whatever I can to stop this. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Ergh. I want to cry. NO DAKOTA FANNING! STAY AWAY FROM NEW MOON YA LITTLE BRAT!!!!

Well, I'm done for now. But you haven't heard the last of me:)




Ok all our loyal fans! This just in from the Assistant Editor of TWIST Magazine-Privileged star Lucy Hale is going to audition for the role of Jane in New Moon.  How exciting! Here's the website to check it out. http://www.twistmagazine.com/2009/01/lucy-hale-auditioned-for-jane.html 


Ok, we have more updates for the Salute To Twilight convention.  There is going to be a concert! How fun!
JACKSON RATHBONE and his band 100MONKEYS will be playing.  Go to this sight to purchase your ticket ASAP!

Also, we have a new sight to get some great T-shirts! Make sure to check them out.  We've seen them and are DAZZLED!
Check them out! http://cafepress.com/mlsdesigns/6267678



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Ok, so we're a little late, but better late than never right? Right!   Ok, we just added a new comment thing-a-ma-bober. It's for our videos because we're not too sure of what you guys want to see.  (All of our 4 dearing fans....)  So please check it out and keep spreading the TWI-Love dearies!


December 20, 2008

Hey Everyone!!! Happy Holidays!  I, Shady, would just like to say that Penny and I tried to make a video once... but I'm not funny or charismatic at all.  So there will be another delay with the videos... probably within a week or two, we will have something... just dont have really high expectations:)

Happy -whatever holiday you celebrate-!!!!

Shady. Penny. And TWORTS!


Hello everyone! How are you? Good? Sounds great! Moving on....Tworts has a special announcement to make.  We have gotten e-mails about special Twilight conventions that we know you'll all just LOVE!  So look below for information and such.

Salute to Twilight Convention
Fri., Sat. & Sun. 
February 20-22, 2009
Tickets will be going on sale soon!

Sunday Salute to Twilight  at Grand Slam
Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
Los Angeles, Ca 
Twilight guests attending so far include KELLAN LUTZ (Emmett Cullen), MICHAEL WELCH (Mike Newton) and ASHLEY GREENE (Alice Cullen).TAYLOR LAUTNER (Jacob Black),  PETER FACINELLI (Dr. Carlisle Cullen) and JACKSON RATHBONE (Jasper Hale)

Eternal Twilight
The 3rd convention is in the UK. For more information, click on the banner above.  The banner will take you to the convention's site.   Please make sure to check out all these great conventions! They sound fun and exciting don't you think?! (=



We have just added a lovely little story to the Tworts Stories section so do plese check it out! The author has also asked that you rate and comment on it since it has been put on a site called Quizilla.com. 

With love for TWilight,

~P. Loe


Welcome to TWORTS.COM!!! The site for all your Twilight-y needs!!  This pretty much is the BEST [next to smeyer.com] place to get your Twilight cravings. AS you may have noticed, our site is still a little bare... MEANING that we need YOU to help us get this bad-boy up and running.  Take a look around and COMMENT!

Commenting= A for SURE thing to expand the site.. and make a certain SHADY LAYNE AND PENNY HAPPY!!

Shady Layne & Penny= The beast creators!

So yes... You can expect updates near Thanksgiving Break, since there won't be SCHOOL!  But while we are on an absent leave... PLEASE COMMENT!! LOOK UNDER COMMENTS/STUFF!! Then comment!


PS: WE SEE YOU!!!! That's right we know people are visiting the siteeee! SO STOP AND COMMENT IT! IT WOULD MAKE ME A MORE HAPPY PERSOn! I PROMISE!!!




Well well well!  Sorry we haven't been on for a while, school's been crazy! You guys can start expecting stories and such once Winter break and Thanksgiving break start.  Until then, try to tell your friends and send us some stories because we still don't have any!  We also enjoy e-mails! All of the pictures are still linked to our address and the About Us page has it as well.  So spread the TWI-Love!


OCTOBER FOOLS! Haha that last post was just an obsure gesture. BUT TWORTS REMAINS GOLDEN! [Or should i say topaz?]  We are now back... AND READY FOR ACTION! OOOOHHH YEAH! Well, if you can tell I am like BEYOND excited right now... BECAUSE WE ARE ON STEPHENIEMEYER.COM! How AWESOME is that? My heart is like bursting out of me right now! Haha! This is was our little pump up sign, and you guys sure as heck can expect THE BEST Twilight site EVER! Haha... better go and get prepared=]

Second Period English: 9/24
Welllllllll... its Shady and I'm supposed to be writing a paper in english right now, but against my better judgment and my teacher.. MR A. haha.  But I think that  myself and Penni will be getting together this weekend to make the best video you will ever witness. haha. Till then my dears!


Well...we're still working on getting our site out there!  Shady and I have been pretty bussy lately too so sorry we still don't have many inbetter teresting things up.  But don't worry, we are working on it! (=  So keep spreading the love and make sure to send some stories and videos! 

Bella's Birthday.

Well yes today is an EPIC day.  Drumroll please...... Bella's Birthday, I think.  I mean I know it is her actual Birthday, but do we still call it a birthday when she is a vamp?  I don't know.  Well, yeah.  So. There isnt an update as of today. But stay tuned.


September Ninth. 

Hello, Hello, Hello.  Yeah, its Shady.  That post below mine is from Penny [btw who the heck says howdy?!] Haha, just had to clarify.... But we have are trying very desperatly to hurry and get some videos and stories posted. BUT WE NEED THEM FROM YOU AMERICA! Dont let us down!  Comments, videos, stories, videos, WHATEVER is accpeted [remember appropiate please!]  So yeah, grab your pens/pencils/markers/crayons/vidoe cameras and get a move on!! Haha, Good luck with making the best possible video ever!!



Howdy Ladies and Gents! (mostly Ladies i'm assuming....)  Just wanted to let everyone know that we still need stuff for our site! (Such as stories and videos. So if you're in English and dunno what to write about try to make us a story!) So E-MAIL E-MAIL E-MAIL!!!  And also make sure to message your friends about our site too! The more the merrier!

~P. L0e   EAMC<3


Honestly People... LETS Go!  I mean if we dont have any comments or views or anything, the site will not be able to prosper.  I mean how are we gonna rant and compliment, when there isnt anything TO comment.  I mean its simple logic.  So lets get some life into this baby! Haha lame. I mean, don't we want to expand our love of TWILIGHT?! So... I would love to see some progress.. OH and check out our question of the day under the guestbook, AND COMMENT! Plus videos will be posted soon, me+penni just need to discuss it.  So we will keep you updated with almost daily things=]




Well happy first day of SEPTEMBER! Waaahooooo.  This is our third day since our grand opening [AWESOME-ness] and its saying that almost 200 people have already looked at our site...??? NICE. But why aren't those people commenting? I don' know.


Thanks to everyone who commented! (a record breaking 5 people!!) WHo0TWHo0T! (=  We're still working on the site, so if anyone has any neato ideas, let us know!  We'll prolly post some of our own stories and videos to start it out.  If we have time of course!

O and making websites is against Annabella's religion so she will have to be known under a new name, Penny Loephur.  

Hi!  Welcome to Tworts, the website for all your Twilight needs! (=

      We, Penny and Shady Layne, decided to make this website once we heard that the Twilight series had ended with Breaking Dawn.  If you are anything like us, we're sure you really don't want it to end.  This site was made for people to give us ideas, short stories, and videos about the series.   

      Mind us, let's keep them all PG rated please. 

      We just started this website and really don't have any clue about what we're doing.  So please be patient, and comments are appreciated.  Thanks!!  Hope you come to love this site like we do!   



PS:Just a hint..to get on our goodside, post A LOT of comments and give Shady a lot of Taylor Lautner LOVE! OH YEAH!



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