Haha all right all right.  Another lovely QOW! I know how much you guys love these!

Q:How excited are you really for New Moon and how can we make this site better?

There are two questions for you guys to answer if you would like.  They really don't have anything to do with each other...but that's not the point!  So, knock yourselves out. (=



SOO, we wanna be more out there in the Twilight Community, SOOOO if you guys have any ideas, please oh please comment:)







All righty, we haven't had a QOW in a while so (drum roll please!) I'm bringing it back! Yup, I'm bringing it back like Justin brought sexy back! So here it is guys! (=

Q: What are you excited to see in the next movie New Moon? (i.e. special part, special person!)



Well, since the Shadester and I are pretty new at this, we want to know what u guys would like to see in the videos.  We honestly have no idea! O and I'm trying to figure out how to get the videos on, because we do have some.  Also, make sure to tell friends!!!

So leave us some SUPERSPECTACULAR ideas below!

Lots Of Love darlings!



SOOOOO... the movie just came out [and you can see our thoughts about it under THE MOVIE tab].  What were your thoughts on it?  What would you rate it?


All Righty! Here's the question...sorry there hasn't been one for a while! (=

 Q: If you were a vampire, what power would you want??


Yes folks... the hype is true! WE ARE ON STEPHENIEMEYER.COM! WOOOO! Me and Penny are like super duper insanely happy about this!  So any ideas on what you guys would like to expect? Better ask now while we are high on twi-love=]


Ok here is the lovely question of the week (I have just now decided to rename it!) 

Q: Which book of the series (Twilight duh) was your favorite and why?

~P. Loe  EAMC<3


Hey everyone!  Let's spread the TWI-love here people! Make sure to tell friends!  Our site isn't very "popular" yet haha as you can prolly tell!  But Shady and I are thinking about asking SMeyer about checking out our site and seeing if she'll put it on her site.  How sick would that be!?!?! 

So do as I say! (=

~P.L0e  EAMC<3


I am making this Thursady and Fridays Question of the Day, just in case we might be busy tomorrow.... Question of the Day is just something that we really want to know your feedback on.. So comment away!

QoD: Where was the first time you met Twilight? Bookstore. Bookshelf. In the Hall of Fame. In an abandoned hallway? Im curious.. so SPILL IT!



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