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Penny Loe and Shady Layne

    Hello, we are two Twilight-obsessed girls who have too much time on their hands.  This little page is meant to give you a little insight to ourselves. We decided to make this sight after reading Breaking Dawn and also after finding out that S. Meyer is planning on NOT publishing Midnight Sun.  For those of you who do not know what Midnight Sun is, it's the book Twilght, but written in Edward's perspective. (See www.stepheniemeyer.com for more info)  We decided that if she wouldn't give us something to read, we would make up our own stories and also hear from other kids (such as you) who want to tell their own Twort stories too.  They could be about anything as long as they're appropriate (duhm of course! we're not gonna put some kind of sick nasty stuff on our site!) and they have to do with the Twilight series.  So e-mail or submit stories or videos! Hope you enjoy! (=

 TWORTS=twilight shorts combined

    Hi Hi, this is Penny Loephur.  AKA Agent 7... TEAM EDWARD BABY!!!!  Real men glitter (;  I'm a nineth grader and first fell in love with the series in sixth grade.   I've been hooked since day one!  I love to play sports!  I play basketball, softball, and volleyball and also love the color purple!  I'm a HUGE Duke fan too by the way. Ma favorite breakfast is Frosted Flakes with flavored marshmallows.  I'm not totally internet savvy, so this site will not be the best thing ever at first. Haha.  But I'll see what I can do.  Shady and I have been best friends since the lovely summer of fourth grade!  She's like ma sister.  And continues to be the most supportive of ma Twilight Addiction.....(=  Yesh, dorky I know, but totally and 100%-ly true.  oh! and I loooooooooove oldies! OLDIES ARE Go0DIES!!!

Oh! and Shade so owes me for making her read the series.  I had to practically strap her to a chair, tie her down, hold her eyes open and make her read it!!!   (That's right Shady, read it and weep sweetie!)

~P. Loe

Man, oh man, oh man.  So yeah, I am Shady Layne [sweet code name, I know], pretty much a Twilight obsessed, and Taylor Lautner//Jacob Black fanatic.  TEAM JACOB! WOOT! Hahaha, yes I know that there really never was a Team Jacob, but hey, let me fantasize.  Anywaaaaaaayyysss... Back to this About Me thing.  So yeah, fell in love with Twilight in eighth grade, BUT read it in the begining of seventh grade and hated it.  I thought Edward was a creep.  But I've changed, so no hate mail for Shady.  Even if you hate Jacob.  Whatever.  I mean you can like whomever your little hearts desire, deal? Haha. Now, back to business.  It's tenth grade and I'm still hooked, and a big Twilight lover. Hehe-hoho.  Who isn't now-adays? I'm not really talking about myself am I?  I'll act more like Penny now.  I do love basketball and softball..AND purple is also MY favorite color. Penny has been my bestfriend since I was like 10.  She is like the sister I never had *blows into tissue.*  Haha, and now we join eachother on our quest to BRING BACK TWI-LOVE! *haha I know, CHEESY&LAME* That's just me being me=].  So yeah, thats all the info your gonna get out of me, without me ranting anymore [oops!]... I should a page for that..hmmmmmmmmmmmm... I wonder....

THANKS! For reading this epic ABOUT ME thing, where it really said little about me. oopsx2.

Shady Layne.


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