Twilight: The Movie


Shady's Review:  Overall 3 stars. I spent half of my time laughing at the cheesy special effects and the terrible acting at the beginning.  Robert Patterson kept doing this weird wide eyed thing through out the movie, and didn't act like our dear Edward til the end.  Kristen Stewart also was'nt Bella-like until the end either.  AND there wasnt a connection TIL THE END!  They talked about 3 times in the movie, and then she miraculously guessed vampire. I was like WTF?!  Plus it really wasnt about Bella and Edward... it was odd.  It just didnt flow.  I mean I know they cant fit a whole book into a 2 hour film... but really Catherine Hardwick?  The movie was awful.  But somehow, the movie was good.  It finally became Twilight when the Baseball scene came on... and I finally sat back and relaxed.  It was a poorly done movie, but was good, just because it was Twilight.  The movie was freaking hilarious unintentionally, I don't know if I was supposed to be laughing... but I sure as heck was.

So go and see it... but keep in mind... it's NOTHING like the book.  And after staying up last night thinking about it... I'm buying the movie when it comes out :)

OH! And Robert Pattinson looked dang amazing in sunglasses. &&& Taylor Lautner looked godly as ever:)


All righty, I have officially seen the movie.  Not to be mean, but it was pretty awful.  I knew it would be, but still! I know it's hard to recreate such a book as Twilight, BUT THEY DIDN'T EVEN TELL EACH OTHER THEY LOVED EACH OTHER ONCE! I mean, wow! I thought Bella (In the book) seemed like kinda a hopeless romantic at times with her love for him.  She didn't seem to, oh I dunno, show it, during the movie though! And i definitely second what The Shadester said.  I couldn't stop cracking up! It was all so, awkweird and horribly boring at times. I honestly was glad I saw it at home, and not in a public movie theater.  I think the thing with this movie is you either love it, or you hate it.  I don't think many people were in the middle.  Oh well, Ha i bet New Moon'll be even better...../= for Twilight